The Rose Rehabilitative Surgery Program now located at the Preah Kettomealea Surgical Centre (PPSC) undertakes free surgical procedures to improve quality of life and relieve suffering in Cambodia. The clinic performs approximately 350 simple surgeries a year that include:

– cleft lip and palate repairs;

– land-mine amputation remodelling for fitting artificial limbs;

– burn relief including acid burn victims;

– correcting limb and other deformities;

– conducting training for Cambodian physicians in new surgical techniques & procedures;

– training pre & post operative surgical staff.

This clinic has only recently moved to PPSC in Phnom Penh. All treatments are free of charge and are provided by a skilled Cambodian team led by Cambodia’s leading plastic surgeon, Dr Nous Sarom.

If a child was born with a cleft palate in the developed world, they would receive surgery within days of birth. In Cambodia many parents cannot afford this surgery and their baby faces a childhood of suffering. A baby with cleft palate can have difficulty nursing, malnutrition and recurring ear and throat infections. The facial deformity exposes the child to persecution and neglect. Many assume that he or she is mentally retarded. A cleft palate operation costs just $USD150 (2009).

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