8th Rose Charities International Meeting: Uganda: April 2016. Education and Community Health

smile-kids1 The 8th Rose Charities International Meeting is being held in Kampala Uganda on Friday 15th April 2016 with a later optional workshop session at Mbarara on Monday 18th April.

Rose Charities now has a 20 year history of sustainable program development and management with close to  100% success.  The secrets of these achievements have become clear and will be presented and discussed at the meeting along with other topics.  (see the program below).

All who are interested are welcome. Attendance is free and includes lunch and morning and afternoon session refreshments.   Registration however is necessary(so we know numbers)  by emailing  RoseConference@yahoo.com .  See you there !



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Advanced Rose NZ Retinal surgical training team visit Rose Cambodia Eye Hospital

20150705_175911Images from the groundbreaking June 2015 Rose Charities NZ retinal surgical training team visit toDr Vra and Natalia’s Rose Cambodia Eye Hospital. June 2015. With retinal surgeons Dr. Muhammad Khalid, from Hawkes Bay and

Mike Webber (GNZM) examines a patient

Mike Webber (GNZM) examines a patient

Dr Rob Weatherhead .

This enormously successful visit organized by ike Webber (GNZM) Optometrist of Wanganui NZ , and funded by generous NZ donors resulted in a major upgrade of retinal surgical capacity in the excellent facilities of  the new international standard hospital   built by Dr Vra. The original Kieng Khleang clinic remains to help meet the huge demand in Rose Cambodia’s services to the poor

Hawkes Bay Retinal Surgical Consultant Dr. Muhammad Khalid in hands-on training

Hawkes Bay Retinal Surgical Consultant Dr. Muhammad Khalid in hands-on training

More images

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New operating microscope from NZ for Rose Sight Center.

mike-microscope-vra-dan-hitMike Webber (Rose NZ Trustee) delivers  a wonderful NZ donated  Topcon  operating microscope to Dr Hang Vra (left) and the Rose Eye Clinic.  Mike and Anne Webber  brought  up from NZ and assembled it on site. The donation will  give  considerable upgrade in the clinics remarkable services for Cambodian blind and/or in need of eye surgery. The scope was taken up to Cambodia by Mike and Anne Webber and assembled there by them on site by them.

The Rose Charities Cambodia Eye Clinic / Sight Center has treated over 100,000 patients in the last 10 years.  It also runs an outreach program, taking eye screening, out to rural areas as well as promoting eye health.

The Rose Charities Cambodia Eye Clinic / Sight Center has treated over 100,000 patients in the last 10 years.  It also runs an outreach program, taking eye screening, out to rural areas as well as promoting eye health. The clinic was founded in 1997 though had to be entirely re-equipped when it was looted by an expatriate orchestrated group of thieves in 2003.

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Unsung Heroes Cambodia: a new book !

We are proud to announce that we have been featured in new book that is being released shortly. ‘Unsung Heroes Cambodia: People and Projects Making a Difference’ is a non-profit book that is a collection of inspirational stories about NGO’s that also raises awareness about the complex issues surrounding voluntourism. It offers practical tips for anyone interested in helping whether by donating time, money or equipment. It also is filled with stunning photography that presents a side of Cambodia that is heartfelt and unique (in the large format book – an ebook version will also be available for travelers).
To receive information on this book (which is raising money for the projects it includes) please join the mailing list by using this link:
You can also join us on Facebook/ Unsung Heroes Cambodia.
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Rose Charities New Zealand Newsletter very focused on Cambodia

Village eye screening – Cambodia


Rose Charities New Zealand Newsletter 2012

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From NZ with love; a truck for eye outreach !

Rose Charities NZ has donated the funds for a truck to Rose Cambodia Eye/Sight Centre for their outreach program.  Collecting for the truck was primarily orchestrated by Mr Mike Webber, Optometrist and Rose Laureate 2009,  of Wanganui  who worked tirelessly to see the project through. In Mach 2012 a fundraser was held  (
http://www.wanganuichronicle.co.nz/news/truck-in-sight-after-eye-fundraiser/1293047/) which hosted over 110 people and, thanks to the Wanganui attendees,  raised over $NZ5000. The remainder was donated with huge generosity by a private NZ Foundation which specifically targets international projects which have outstanding cost effectiveness (as the Eye Centre does) .

The Rose Cambodia Sight Centre / Eye Clinc has now been operating since 1997, some 15 years (at the time of writing). It has treated well over 100,000 Cambodians the majority of who have been extremely poor, giving them free or low cost blindness preventing treatments or restoring sight mainly through cataract operations.
Many of the techniques for low cost eye surgery have historically been thanks to great New Zealanders such as Ray Avery or Fred Hollows so the centre carries on a  a long and distinguished NZ history
Rose Charities New Zealand’s relationship with the Cambodia Sight Centre was initiated by John Veale (Optometrist Christchurch) in the year 2000 who then introduced Mike Webber and Dr David Sabiston (retired). The three have spent over a decade working with Drs Hang (clinic co founder) and Natalia Vra suppling materials, equipment, and most importantly of all, their considerable expertise to help bring the clinic to the leading eye Centre it is today in Cambodia.
In recent years, outreach programs for village level screening and eye care promotion have played an increasingly important role. Some of the roads to the villages become almost impassable in the wet season so a strong vehicle is needed, both for access and to be able to return patients to the clinic.
The truck is a fantastic gift, so needed: it will be pivotal in the continuation and expansion of delivery of high quality eye care to poor Cambodians.   Thank you Wanganui and other generous donors !
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Dr Nous Sarom: master-surgeon…

Dr Nous Sarom was born November 12,1970 and grew up in a small village, Prek Roka , Kandal Steung District , Province of Kandal 30km south of the Capital City of Phnom Penh, He did his primary school and college at his hometown and his high School at capital city of Kandal province. He completed his medical degree at, Universite de la Science Sante,  in Phnom Penh 1995. From 1996 he was appointed as a member of the medical staff and head of the Surgery Department of Kandal Stung District Hospital , the district of his home area.
Dr Nous  start training (1996-1999 ) in Plastic surgery and Cleft lip/ Cleft palate repair  with Operation Unis,  a Japanese organization  which was the first NGO conducting cleft lip/Palate surgical Missions in Cambodia since 1992 in Dr Nous Kandal Stung Surgical Department .
From  May 1999- March 2003 Dr,Nous was appointed to the  Medical staff of Rose Charities Rehabilitation Center, Kien Kleang ,Phnom Penh and then promoted to  Chief of Surgery of the Center.  He was interviewed for  THE LANCET.Vol359.March 30, 2002.  (www.thelancet.com).  He also gave presented at the Sunnybrook Hosptial, University of Toronto March 2000.
Dr Nous carried undertook further  training through a clinical cleft lip/palate surgery fellowship at Queen Marry Hospital , University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong 2000 supported by Professor Nabil Samann.   He then  completed  a further 3 year program in Maxillofacial surgery though a fellowship Fellowship  in Thailand which was organized by IAOMS(International Association of Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon) and PSU( Prince of Songkla University), Hatyai, Thailand at the culmination of which in 2004 he gained a Diploma of  Maxillofacial Surgery Diploma
After returning home  ,2004, Dr.Nous was appointed to the surgical staff of Chea Chumneas Referral Hosptial, Takmhmao, Kandal Province.  Shortly after this he was further promote to the position of  deputy director of the entire Chea Chumneas Hospital  .
Around the same time, Dr Nous founded his own rehabilitative surgical project in coordination with and partially supported by Rose Charities. Initially under the name of Operation FIRST, the work both in with Rose and also as an independent organization continues to this day.  Operation FIRST forged many international and local links including with Operation SMILE, The Chinese University of Hong Kong,  Operation Rainbow Canada and the University of British Columbia.
In 2008, Dr Nous undertook an academic fellowship in plastic surgery at UBC, Vancouver supported and instructed  by Operation Rainbow’s Dr Douglas Courtemanche, Dr Cynthia Verchere, Dr David Naysmith, Dr Kimit Rai, Professor Richart Warrant, Dr. Douglas Caberwise and Dr Nicholas Carr.
Also in 2008 (January) ,2008, Dr.Nous received the award of ‘Credential in Plastic Surgery’ a specialized, and highly valued award of  Operation SMILE.  This was closely followed by a affirmation of worldwide recognition as a cleft surgeon by the Plastic Surgery Education Foundation and The Smile Train Organization.
Attending the Rose Charities International Conference in Penang in Febrary 2008, Dr Nous was at the occasion presented with the 2007 Charity Rose Award for outstanding contribution and dedication to charity.
Dr Nous  traveled as a plastic surgery Consultant with joint the international Surgical Mission (several organization) to India’s, Sikim State,2009  and to Laos Parkse 2010. As a representative of Operation Smile Cambodia he was a valued participant  at the Asia-Pacific Cleft Care conference in Perth March 2011 and the Maxillofacial deformity Conference in October,2011 in Melbourne, Australia.
Since January 2012, he was appointed as Consultant Surgeon to the  staff of Preaket Mealea Hospital, the biggest Military hospital, Phnom Penh, Cambodia . This hospital provides a range of services, both subsidized (mostly free) for the poor and costed services for others.
Dr Nous is thus, currently  Head of Department of  Maxillofacial, Plastic , Reconstructive and esthetic surgery and a clinical assistant Professor of  Maxillofacial/Plastic surgery . Through him his department maintains and nurtures links with many other organizations both in Cambodia and overseas.  An elective student placement program is run also for medical/surgical students.
Dr Nous maintains has a considerable international background, benefitting from experience both in the industrialized and developing world.  Having performed, taught and organized a huge number of cleft and general rehabilitative surgeries to thousands of patients in considerably varying conditions worldwide his breadth of  knowledge and practical experience are matched by few.   Dr Nous is thus one of Cambodia’s most valued and honoured surgeons but he uses this wealth of experience as much to help those in need as for his own remuneration.
Dr Nous  is current Cambodia representative of the Rose International Council.  He is married with 4 children.

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Chronic pain group underway… !

Rose Rehab Cambodia

Author: Lee Parker

Chronic Pain GroupRecognizing that many people suffer from chronic pain, we thought of starting a group exercise program. Six of RCRC’s physiotherapy patients were invited to join a therapeutic exercise class, designed to help with chronic pain. They had back pain, knee problems, and neck pain; and one woman had been receiving treatment following a leg fracture. Ranging in age from their 20s to their late 50s, they were all keen and last Thursday the first class got underway, making good use of our soft flooring in the Therapy Area.

Led by Zoe, our regular volunteer physiotherapist, and assisted by Kanha our staff physiotherapist, the women worked through a series of exercises designed to help relieve their pain, and strengthen their physical condition.

The Chronic Pain Group – with RCRC physiotherapist Kanha (centre, in orange)

After the 75 minute session the women were happy to have participated; they enjoyed the program, even the soreness from using their muscles intensively, and are keen to return for the next class in a week’s time. Following Zoe’s initial instruction, Kanha will take over running the class from next week. Another first for RCRC physiotherapy!

If you would like to sponsor the Rose Rehab Center in Cambodia, please make a donation through Canada Helps. PLease Select Rose Rehab from the drop down menu. Thank-you for your support!

click to donate nowjoin us on facebookjoin us on twitter

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Honourary Rose Fellowship for an amazing Kiwi Eye Surgeon

Dr David ‘Sabo’ Sabiston

Rose Charities International has conferred Dr David  ‘Sabo’ Sabiston with its top ‘Honourary Fellowship’ title.  The title is only considered for persons who have had many many years of outstanding charitable efforts in their past, not only for Rose Charities but in any sphere or with any other organization too.  Dr Sabiston of Hamilton, New Zealand, is a most worthy recipient of the title having had a lifetime of helping others worldwide,  Africa to the Pacific Islands in both the delivery and teaching of ophthalmic surgery.

Over the past 10 years Sabo has been helping the Rose Charities Cambodia Sight Centre, both as a Rose Charities New Zealand board member and then continuing after retirement.  The Cambodian operative eye unit was in dire need of assistance in 2002 (having recently been looted of all its equipment by thieves).  John Veale of Chritchurch (optometry)  generously traveled to the center around that time then introduced it to Sabo and Mr Mike Webber (optometry), who then proceeded, year after year,  to assist its re-establishment and re-equipping. With this input the centre has (2012) now treated over 100,000 poor Cambodians and has grown, Directed by one of its founders, Dr Hang Vra, to its position as Cambodia’s foremost eye facility.  The efforts of Sabo in this work, in teaching, raising resources and being always being available as a bastion of support has been completely outstanding. Thousands Cambodians have had their lives restored as a direct result.

Mrs Anne George receives

Fellowship title award

on behalf of Sabo in

Penang March 2012

Recently, Dame Silvia Cartwright (Patron of Rose Charities New Zealand and Ex. Governor General of New Zealand) specifically wrote to praise the work of the clinic.

Both Sabo and Mike Webber are also worthy recipients of the New Zealand ‘Order of Merit’ – one of the highest civilian awards New Zealand offers.

The Rose Charities Fellowship honours Rose Charities in equal measure to the recipient. All members of the network are proud and hounoured by Dr Sabiston accepting this title.   The award ceremony was performed at the IVth Rose Charities International Meeting Penang in March 2012.  Sadly, Sabo was unable to attend himself through health reasons, but Ms Anne George of Rose Charities was able to accept on Sabo’s behalf and also read out some much appreciated words from Sabo carried over from New Zealand

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Rose Charities celebrates International Womens Day !

Rose Charities Celebrates International Womens Day.. !

Sri Lanka:   Young Women’s Clubs –  8 villages,   Girls sports programs ,  Women’s University Scholarship Program,  Women’s Livelihood Groups (Women’s Support and Women’s Vocational Training.     www.rosesrilanka.info

Pakistan:   Frontier Primary Health Care support of  Traditional Birth Attendant training program   www.hmef.info

Cambodia: ‘Access for All’  program for disabled womens education, support and vocational training   http://rosecambodia.org

Afghanistan:  Tabish-Rose Charities Training Women’s Health and Computer training program’s  www.hmef.info

Guatemala:  Safe Motherhood women’s birth attendant and women’s health programs   www.safemotherhoodproject.org

Zambia:  Womens income generation programs   http://malambograssroots.ca

Haiti:  Women’s neonatal nursing training  www.rosehaiti.info








World Birth aid pack
saves countless lives

We also wish to laud the women’s programs Rose  has been privileged to have supported, partnered  or planned with, in the past (and perhaps the future too!)  including  the Lumbini Program for training of Women Village Eye Screeners  www.lei.org.np and the remarkable  ‘WBDI’ Organization in Samoa,  www.womeninbusiness.ws the One in Three Women Organization (Seattle)  www.oneinthreewomen.com and  World Birth Aid (Seattle)  www.worldbirthaid.org



Haiti Cholera Relief 2010.
Dr Amy Osborne

The organizers of Rose Charities also pay tribute and gratitude to the professional women volunteers (nurses, physicians, counselors, logisticians etc) who have contributed over 50% of involvement, organization and sustainability of emergency relief and ‘post-relief’ operations Rose Charities and close partners AMDA have played over the years.  Their magnificent work has helped tens of thousands of victims in many parts of the globe.

Hurricane Katrina 2005
R.N.Kirsten Reems
2004 Asian Tsunami Sri Lanka
R.N.Mary Spencer
Japan Eathquake/Tsunami 2011
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