Access for All

This program helps disabled men and women in Cambodia. Disabled men and women have been identified by local disability worker, Mr Ull Meng Hour to be a part of the program which means they can now live in a home close to secondary and tertiary education insititutions. These men and women are now able to learn independence and are able to access formal education. Another benefit of the program is that they are taught the skills to be the long-term project managers for the project which will enable them to be leaders, manage their own finances and operate a sustainable program that can help other disabled people in the future.

Through a life skills program they will gain confidence in living apart from their families and will learn how to participate fully in the community. The men and women living with a disability will manage Disability Awareness Campaigns to teach others about disability and to raise awareness and advocate for disability rights. Through the acquisition of skills and formal qualifications they will in the future be able to earn an income and relieve the burden on their families of caring for a disabled child in rural Cambodia, increasing the living standards of not only themselves, but their whole family.

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