Surgery and rehabiliation for little ‘Tot’ with fused jaw..

Little5year old Cambodian ‘Tot’ who has the fused jaw has now had his surgery arranged. Dr Veronica Ventura begin of Community Health Development Cambodia.  He will fly down to Singapore for the operation which will be on the 4th January 2011.   Funds are still needed both fro Tot’ s surgery and rehabilitation, but also for his education and any special needs for return to life.   Rose Rehab Cambodia will be helping with Tots rehabilitation .  Funds are still needed.  Rose Charities is collecting for the Tot fund in Canada and in the USA (in both, tax receipts available). Please say donation is for ‘Tot’

(click image to enlarge)

Dr Veronica Venturas efforts for Tot have been simply amazing. She has worked day and night to ensure the best possible outcome for Tot. There is every chance that this little boy will rehabilitate to a happy, educated life.  Bravo Dr Ventura…!.

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