Operation SMILE and Smile Train to merge: Dr Nous Sarom to represent at Op SMILE International Meeting Perth (March 2011)

Dr Nous Sarom, Founder of the Cambodia Surgical Center (Operation FIRST and Rose Cambodia Rehab), is Cambodia’s leading maxillofacial surgeon and a one of the primary consultants in many wonderful Operation SMILE outreach surgical camps.  Smile Train, an equally distinguised parallel organization runs the different policy of supporting currently existing surgical centers to carry out cleft lip / palate operations.  The Operation FIRST Cambodia Surgical Center is one of the foremost Smile Train Centers in Cambodia.  Now, the two organizations (Op SMILE and Smile Train) are joining forces and will in future be known as  Operation Smile Train.  Congratulations to both organizations for this move.

Dr Nous Sarom will be visiting Perth to represent / present at the Operation SMILE international surgical  conference in Perth this month (March 2011) having kindly been invited by the organization. He will then travel on to visit Sydney and meet up with  Rose Charities Australia board members.

Rose Charities Australia supports the Rose Cambodia Rehab Center, the physical therapy arm of the Surgical / Rehab Unit of Operation FIRST at Chea Chumneas Hosptital, Takmau.  The unit is runs under the Ministry of Health of Cambodia, an important aspect in assuring sustainability and proper support of the Cambodian medical system.  It is known by many locals for its kindness and compassion to its patients and staff – an element sadly lacking in at least one other establishment.

Both the Op First Cambodian Surgery Center  and Rose Cambodia Rehab are enormously appreciative to both Operation SMILE and Smile Train for their wonderful and continuing work to help Cambodia and Cambodians in need and support for the Cambodia Surgery Center.  Both magnificent organizations have alleviated an enormous amount of suffering since their inception.

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