Three amazing ‘givers’ to poor Cambodians

Three amazing ‘Givers’ to Cambodia.  Left to right, Dr Hang Vra (Cambodia), Mr Mike Webber (NZ), and ‘M’ (USA)
Dr Vra has given most of his adult life to helping poor Cambodians with their eye problems. Through hard work he has not become one of Cambodias leading eye specialists. In 2002 his clinic was looted and vandalized by a crooked expatriate, leaving it as a bare shell  Despite this he kept on coming to comfort the throngs of expectant patients who had been deprived of treatment by the looting. He is a Cambodian hero.
Mike Webber of Wanganui, NZ , consultant optometrist, has contributed huge amounts of time, resources and know-how on a completely voluntary basis to the clinic, flying up from NZ many many times. Without him (and colleagues, Dr David Sabiston and Mr John Veale) the Sight Center would not now exist
‘M’ an international philanthropist donated the YAG-laser’ seen in the background. This remarkable machine revolutionizes the treatment of many post-cataract complications as well as enabling effective treatment of glaucoma.
The good that these three individuals have done for poor Cambodians is outstanding.  Many thousands have benefited:

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